"Sherlock" Season 3 - What We Do and Don't Know

[September 4, 2013]

There seemed to be rumors spreading that season 3 of "Sherlock" was scheduled to be aired in October, 2013, which then changed to January 2014, however this proved to be erroneous when Sue Vertue, "Sherlock" producer, posted this on Twitter: 

Sherlock Season 3 - What We Do and Don't Know

Sherlock Season 3 - What We Do and Don't Know Sherlock Season 3 - What We Do and Don't Know


BBC has yet to make an official announcement 

on the matter. 


To make things worse, we may be seeing false footage all over the net! Jeremy Lovering, "Sherlock" director, admitted to taking fake shots to fool reporters so while there are several shots out there that have gone viral, we cannot be sure which of them are actually part of the script.


It seems Sherlockians are expected to have Sherlock's skills of deduction to figure BBC out.


What we do know:

Shooting of season 3 has been completed - confirmed by Sue.


We know that season 3 will consist of "rat, wedding and bow", which has spurred heated discussions and speculations online as to which of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories will be featured.

The episode titles will be "The Empty Hearse", "The Sign of Three", "His Last Vow".

We know that a new enemy of Sherlock will appear, also from Sue.


And we know that Amanda Abbington, Martin Freeman's partner,  has joined the cast and many speculate it will be as Mary Morstan. Mary is the woman John marries in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. Does this mean John will be leaving 221B Baker Street?


BBC's teaser for "Sherlock" season 3: